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McDougall has exceeded client expectations by providing timely, accurate data and analytics leading to expedited time-to-market and lower development costs.


Whether you call it clinical trial statistical analysis, Clinical Biostatistics, Biostatistics for clinical trials, Statistical analysis in clinical trials, or Statistical analysis for clinical trials, the way your team plans, collects, manages, controls, analyzes, interprets and prepares clinical data can significantly impact the success of your trial.

McDougall Scientific’s statistical or BioStatistics consulting services help you conduct trials that are informative, compliant and cost-effective. Clients trust us to align study design and analyses with their business objectives and regulatory strategy by delivering a vital statistical strategy that helps mitigate risks during product development.



Our statisticians can design your study to answer your research questions with high confidence while meeting regulatory requirements and subject to business constraints. During study implementation, ongoing analytical reporting supports centralized risk-based monitoring and safety review.


Members of McDougall’s statistician team are accredited Professional Statisticians through both the Statistical Society of Canada (SSC) and the American Statistical Association (ASA) averaging over 15 years of progressive experience. Having such a breadth of experience among our statistical team enables us to provide our clients with services that make a real impact.

BioStatistics, Programming & Analysis Services include:

  • Study Design, emphasis on adaptive-by-design
  • Causal Analyses for post-marketing
  • Statistical methodologies to maximize efficiency
  • Protocol Development & Review
  • Data Quality Oversight via the creation of Statistical Monitoring Reports
  • Ensuring study size is optimal
  • Safety Surveillance
  • Pharmacokinetics & Pharmacodynamics
  • Observational, registry, real-world evidence study designs and analyses

  • Determine which statistical approach is best (Bayesian, precision, etc)
  • Registered CDISC, SDTM and ADaM data service provider
  • Program level strategies
  • Statistical training for non-statisticians
  • Pharmacovigilance
  • Statistical Analysis Plans (SAPs)



Industry research shows that pharma and biotech companies are looking to avoid the trap of committing to inflexible contracts from large contract or clinical research organizations. There is a real trend towards working with specialized CROs like McDougall Scientific because of the unique expertise we can provide, the flexibility we can offer and the affordability of our services.

McDougall Scientific brings 40 years of experience that will help deliver objective perspective to clients. We offer services in areas such as Protocol design & review, statistical methodologies, Statistical Analysis Plans (SAPs), Bayesian analysis, sample size calculations, data management, data quality oversight, among other areas.

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