McDougall Scientific has launched its own electronic Trial Master File (eTMF) solution. It is called ComplyDocs and helps minimize the risk and complexity of managing large amounts of clinical trial documents. It helps identify, centralize, review and manage documentation all in one place to ensure the TMF is complete, high-quality, and filed on time. 

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ComplyDocs eTMF


Features & Benefits of using an eTMF Solution

Capturing and managing clinical trial documents through paper-based or network-folder TMFs can be time-consuming, difficult to manage, and may produce costly errors that put your clinical trials at risk. Adopting an eTMF allows for real-time oversight and management of documents to ensure compliance and audit readiness throughout the trial.

Some key benefits include:

  • Shorter trial start-up and close-out time
  • Improved audit readiness and timely filing
  • Better visibility of TMF quality and completeness
  • Faster document searching and retrieval
  • Cost savings from increased filing efficiency and reducing paper
  • One central source for sharing documents with team members



ComplyDocs is Easy to use – Quick to Implement – Affordable to Deploy.