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As a research pharma or biotech, you face a complex and regulatory-heavy environment. New developing products make competition fierce, while a trend in regulatory control of protocols and funding has created myriad challenges for building a case to maintain funding levels year over year.

To keep time and funds spent during the clinical phases reduced and the information provided by subjects maximized, you may want to take a new look at the teams and professionals you use, and how you use them. Statisticians for one, (whether internal or outsourced from a Clinical Research Organization – CRO), can play a key role in efforts to enhance, optimize, and re-engineer process and operations.

Please download this whitepaper to learn more about how bringing statisticians in early can optimize the clinical trial process.





    • The Troubled Impact Of Late Statistician Involvement

    • Expanding Thought To Leverage Know-How

    • Case Study I

    • Enriching The Meaning and Composition Of Data

    • Case Study II

    • Conclusion



Download the Whitepaper to learn more about how bringing statisticians in early can optimize the clinical trial process

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